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Storm Vertical Tillage

The Heaviest Vertical tillage unit on the market!


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Storm Spec Sheet Euro.jpg

Introducing the all new Mandako STORM!

With FIVE different sizes to choose from, the Storm can be created to suit your needs!

Choose from a variety of sizes, we offer 13', 20', 27', 33' and even up to 40'! With the main frame being made of 6" x 6' 1/2" steel, the Storm is designed to be STRONG and TOUGH! It is available in

Mandako Green or Black!

With independent suspension on the coulter hubs, it makes the machine very forgiving in rocks and ruts. If necessary, easily replace a blade in as little as ONE bolt! The suspension is achieved using 2600 lb coil springs. You can fill in sprayer ruts in as little as ONE pass!


With nylon bushing inserts on the spindle receiver, it reduces the risk of the spindles getting seized onto the receiver. The Storm also has tapered spindles on the coulter hubs to create a durable and long-lasting option for you, increasing their ability to withstand side pressure and force.


The hubs are FULLY SERVICEABLE with standard components, making parts easy to source! A triple lip (serpentine) seal allows for the user to fully grease (purge) the hub WITHOUT FEAR of contaminants leaching in. Which is a MUST in today's challenging field conditions. 

EASY TO READ indicator gauges clearly show the operator what's happening!

Hydraulic baskets give the operator a quick choice to engage OR disengage the rolling baskets. So when the muddy section of the field approaches, you can lift the baskets out of the way,


The Storm also features color coded Hydra Grip handles, which allow for easy machine hookup. Convenient hose holder directs any drips away from the frame.

Our NEW axle design allows the axles to oscillate sideways. This allows both wheels to remain in contact with the ground at all times, as it evenly distributes the machine weight across the tires.

The greaseable axle hubs have a 7-lip cassette seal for MAXIMUM protection against the elements!

Our patented hydraulic angle adjustment on toolbars ensure you get the desired finish from the comfort of the cab, 0* to 14* of on-the-go adjustability!

20" Soil Razor blades size and move material with ease. Optional 13W blades available for the true

VT Experience!

Our unique "fold in" hinge system allows for outer wings to fold inside the main frame. This narrows the overall width for transport, making it easier and less stressful transporting the unit along today's busy roads!

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