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What initially started as a rock roller has evolved into a multi-use tool that’s now considered a valuable farm asset. Landrollers smooth the field surface by pushing down rocks and debris, allowing the cutter bar to operate effectively and reduce the risk of rock damage. Create better germination with optimal soil-to-seed contact. Increase yields on your farm with a Mandako Landroller!



  • Rolling the field pre-plant creates an even seed bed for today’s high-precision planters and air seeders. Consistent depth control is now a reality.

  • Landrollers create better germination with optimal soil-to-seed contact for cereals and pulses. Pulse crop growers consistently find a 1-4 bushel per acre yield increase on rolled fields.



  • Reduce the wear and tear on your sprayer and other equipment with smoother fields.



  • Keep sickle bar knifes and guards from premature wear by keeping them out of the dirt.

  • Avoid time-consuming and expensive repairs to your combine by keeping rocks out.

  • Harvesting lodge crops becomes easier (and less stressful) knowing the field was rolled after planting.



  • Using a Landroller on corn stalks after harvest crushes the stalks enabling them to decompose faster.

  • Reduce the chance of causing damage to your tires or tracks by flattening the stalks.



  • Using a Landroller in the spring can smooth out your field and help level rodent mounds

Standard Features:

8” x 4” x 3/8” Frame Tubing

LED Light Kits

Ductile Cast Knuckles

42” x 0.625” (5/8”) Drum

3” Drum Shaft with 3” HD Bearing

Gusseted & Reinforced Corners

Hydraulic Floating Hitch

Dual Hydraulic Rear Wheel Steer

235/80/R16 10-Ply Highway Tire

2” Knuckle Pins

Narrow Transport Width

Easy Hookup with Colour Coded Hydraulic Handles

Category 3 Pintle Hitch

Fillable Drums (add water for increased weight)

Colour: Mandako Green or Black

Optional Upgrades:

280/70/R15 Implement Tire (xx-Ply)

Clevis Hitch Insert

Mechanical Acre Meter

Mud Scraper Kit


3-Plex Landrollers are offered in the following configurations:

30’, 34’, 40’, 42’, 45’, 50’, & 60’

Custom Sizes are available.


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