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Euro Twister Vertical Tillage

A True Vertical Tillage machine with high performance!

Aggressive Tillage

Unique ability to angle the discs up to a 7 degree angle.

  • By moving the coulter bar to a more aggressive angle combined with the concave “labrador blades” provides a formidable 1-2 punch to chop through wheat stubble and cover the residue with soil

  • Utilize the same set-up to chop and incorporate BT corn stalks without “plugging”, even in wet conditions

Avoids Debris Plugging

In wet conditions, our machine is renowned for not “plugging” with debris and in the fall allowing the operator to effectively deal with wheat stubble and BT Corn stalks.

Earlier springtime planting and plant germination

Use the Twister Vertical Tillage machine for pre-planting to open up the soil and speed up the drying process.

  • Simple run the machine at a 0 degree angle along your fields

  • Soy bean stalks grow quicker and higher using this method, thus the advantage in the fall is the ability to combine all of the pods of the plant rather than leaving the lower pods to rot away

Independent Disc Suspension

The Twister Vertical Tillage machine can penetrate any soil conditions and stay in the ground.

  • Superior spring-down pressure on each disc

  • Independent disc system (vs the “ganged” system which risks damage to the unit and inconsistent tillage)

​Decrease combine wear and tear

A higher plant stalk provides the ability to set your combine head higher, keeping it from running into the ground and avoiding unnecessary wear and tear on the equipment, also the decreased amount of fuel used.

Heavy Duty Construction

The heaviest Vertical Tillage machine on the market.


  • Folding and non-folding machines

  • Standard widths: 12’, 16’, 20’, 24’, 28’, 32’, 36’, 40’

Accessories Available

  • Rolling baskets

  • Tine harrows

  • Straight or concave wavy coulter blades up to 20” diameter

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